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front-page.jpgWe at Green Harvest feel that these are uncertain times.  We believe that no matter what troubles, trials or misfortunes someone may be going through, they are worthy of being treated with respect and dignity.  Unfortunately, for many people, receiving food assistance from a food agency or soup kitchen robs them of the dignity that makes us feel strong, enabled and ready to make a difference.  Many times parents must make a decision between feeding, providing shelter or buying medicine for their children.  Equally distressing is when seniors must make a choice between food or medicine, or the recently unemployed worker must wait up to 6 weeks to start receiving an unemployment check.

Life's changes can oftentimes catch us off guard.  That is where Green Harvest can help by providing food and personal hygiene items through a philosophy called "Client's Choice".  Firstly, all of the people we help with food assistance are our Clients.  We make it our "Mission" to meet their needs.  Secondly, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

With thousands of people losing their jobs and the rising costs of personal expenses, we as a community must rise up to meet the challenge and help those in need by providing the basic essentials.

Part of the Solution

We are a non-profit agency that provides food and personal hygiene items to working low-income families, the elderly, and those recently unemployed who suffer from hunger insecurity.  They must be a resident of Aurora, Montgomery, Plano, Naperville, Oswego, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Romeoville or Yorkville.  By providing them with about a week's worth of food once a month for 6 months, we enable them to move toward a solution, restore their health, and most importantly, to provide hope.

We are currently providing:

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