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Holiday Food Basket

Although every day is a struggle for people facing hunger, the holidays can be a particularly stressful time.  As their neighbors, co-workers and friends prepare for a celebration with family that includes a traditional meal, extra treats and gifts, the working poor wonder if they will have enough for their families just to keep from going to bed hungry.  Together, we have an opportunity to take away the worry of where these families Thanksgiving or Christmas meal will come from. 

Through our partnership with the Northern Illinois Food Bank, we can obtain Holiday Meal Baskets for a donation of just 

$16 each until Oct 18, 2014

After that date the price goes up to $35 each

Each basket contains everything needed to make a traditional holiday meal for a family of eight, including a 12-14 pound turkey, canned vegetables, fruit, instant mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing mix, dessert, ground coffee, and extra holiday treats for the family.

Please help us make the holidays better for the working poor.  

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to be "Part of the Solution" and help us make a difference in a families life.


Can you live on $22 a week

Dear Friends,
Most of the families that walk through our door try to survive on $22 a week to feed their families, When we tell people this, the question that usually follows is "How is that possible?" The answer is, because of friends like you who help keep Green Harvest up and running.            WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are looking for 100 new donors to pledge $22 a month for one year.

This donation will help us purchase 110 pounds of food each month from the Northern Illinois Food Bank.  At the end of the year, your donation will have purchased 1,320 pounds of food.  OVER 1/2 A TON!!!  And if 100 people donate, this would add up to 132,000 pouinds of food, over 66 tons.

This just about what it takes to service all of our clients for one year.

Please click here and put "The 22 Club" in the description box.
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