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Can you live on $22 a week

Dear Friends,
Most of the families that walk through our door try to survive on $22 a week to feed their families, When we tell people this, the question that usually follows is "How is that possible?" The answer is, because of friends like you who help keep Green Harvest up and running.            WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are looking for 100 new donors to pledge $22 a month for one year.

This donation will help us purchase 110 pounds of food each month from the Northern Illinois Food Bank.  At the end of the year, your donation will have purchased 1,320 pounds of food.  OVER 1/2 A TON!!!  And if 100 people donate, this would add up to 132,000 pouinds of food, over 66 tons.

That 66 tons is just about what it takes to service all of our clients for one year.

We have made making a monthy donation even easier!

Simply click on the link below,

enter $22.00 in the donation box

check the "make this recurring" box

and viola, your donation will be made automatically each month.

Click Here to Join the $22 Club Now

June 15, 2015 

Dear Friends & Supporters of Green Harvest, 

It is with a heavy heart that I have to write this type of letter to you today. We are facing a deficit of over $38,000. This time of year is usually our slowest for financial donations. But in reality, our donations haven’t really bounced back from last year. We have had some faithful friends and churches continue to help us out, but I can’t ask them to continue to be the sole supporters of this ministry. I can’t ask my wife to continue to wait for donations to come in to cover my salary. We have lost over 16 monthly supporters this past year because of job loss, relocation and some decided to help other worthy charities. Businesses are also cutting back on their donations and grants. 

We will consider several options before deciding to lay off our staff and cut back our hours, which means we will serve fewer families. 

We must bring in close to $70,000 by October 2, 2015. This would catch us up for this year and the shortcoming of 2014. If we are not able to bring in these funds, then I will have to lay off our staff on November 6, 2015. We cannot continue to run in the red. Just like any business or person, we have utilities, taxes, rent and salaries to pay. 

I am respectfully asking you to consider making a gift to help us catch up this year. Our goal is to be able to raise $30,000 through our golf outing and the rest with a matching gift opportunity with one of our upporters, Exelon Generation. 

I want to thank you for your continued support of our mission.  Without friends like you, this ministry could not exist. 

I am asking everyone who receives this form to ask one friend, family member, co-worker and/or your place of employment to consider helping a non-profit that is making a difference in our community. In order to keep our staff and our doors open, we need everyone’s help. 

We have a link on our website with Exelon Matching Gift form for your convenience. Every donation makes a difference no matter the size. Please check to see if your company has a matching gift program. It could help triple your donation.

May you and your family pray for us during this difficult time.   



Jeff Green, Executive Director




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